About the Course


Here at SDII, we hold to a simple philosophy: there is no substitute for experience. 

That's why our training course gives dentists an opportunity to place dental implants themselves on living patients. With SDII, you won't just learn about innovative implant techiniques--you will perform them yourself with an experienced instructor guiding you through each step. Furhermore, you will be providing a high-quality healthcare service to people who could never get it any other way.

You will gain real experience, and you will change real lives. 

In the SDII Course, you will:

  1. Train with Dr. Steve Brown at the UCE Dental School in Juan Dolio, San Pedro, Dominican Republic.
  2. Place 20 small diameter dental implants on live patients, and/or customize your training experience to include larger diameter implants.
  3. Learn patient selection protocols.
  4. Learn implant placement protocols for fixed and removable.
  5. Learn how to deal with & avoid complications.
  6. Customize your course to get the training you want.

The following are the costs included in the price of the course

  • the cost of the implants
  • the cost of dental supplies
  • transportation to and from the hotel to UCE Dental School
  • transportation to and from the airport

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