SDII Dental Implant Course: January 2014



Hello everyone!

This month we took thirteen doctors with us to the UCE Dental School in the Dominican Republic for our first round of training in 2014. The trip was not only a blast, it was also an outstanding success. Here are four reasons why the SDII training course of January 2014 raised the bar for dental implant training.

4. We Placed A Lot of Dental Implants

Between the thirteen doctors we had with us, we placed almost 200 Glidewell dental implants. Every doctor onsite recieved a tremendous amount of dental implant surgical training.

3. We Provided Life Changing Care to A Lot of People

Our doctors treated over 20 patients during this past trip. These patients were predominately citizens of the Dominican Republic and would not have been able to afford this restorative, revitalizing type of treatment any other way. 

2. We Got Superlative Feedback. 

The dentists who took the SDII course loved it. This was an exeptional group of dentists who showed tremendous dedication, and each claimed to have gained extraordinary knowledge invaluable experience thanks to Dr. Steve Brown and SDII.

Dr. Joe Barker called it "the absolute best learning experience of my dental career." Dr. Greg Payne said that the SDII course "made everything make sense." Dr. Jim Fregia called it "the single greatest dental implant training course available", and called Dr. Steve Brown "the best instructor he has ever met." 

1. We Had Fun

A lot of it. Between training days and surgeries, we lounged on the beach, had great fellowship, and surveyed the Dominican Republic's magnificent countryside. It was a journey to remember. 

If you're considering making dental implant treatment a part of your dental practice, don't delay. Contact us today and find out more about the amazing education that awaits you with The Small Diameter Implant Institute. 

Look forward to meeting you!

-Ben Brown, Marketing Director 



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Revolutionizing Your Technique In Two And A Half Days


Hello, my friends!

Our latest trip to the Dominican Republic this past October was a total success, and I want to share a few of the stories with you over the next few days/weeks.

The first comes from my friend and colleague, Dr. Atem Reed. Dr. Reed is a successful dentist who practices in the Albuquerque area. He had never placed a single dental implant before this course, and after only 2 and a half days of training, he felt prepared to start placing implants in his practice. Click on the video below to hear Dr. Reed's story: 

Atem's success story is only one of many. At SDII, we have the opportunity every trip to change real lives for the better while providing our dentists with real experience that they are immediately able to implement in their practices, and this is exactly what we did this October.  On this particular trip, each dentist in attendance was able to place over 20 dental implants and observe and assist on over 20 more. 

Email me today to reserve your spot for the next SDII implant training trip and take the first step towards revolutionizing your practice.

All the best, always, 


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