The Advantages of SDII Are Overwhelming

Gain Experience. Change Lives.


With the Small Diameter Implant Institute, you will gain actual experience performing innovative and proven implant techniques -- with an experienced guide by your side -- while you make a difference. Whether you have never placed an implant before or have placed over a thousand, SDII can show you new and exciting ways to boost your dental practice. Here are some of the unique advantages that you will enjoy with SDII.

1. Treat living patients. 

We can provide patients for you. You can also bring your own, which would reduce or pay for the cost of your training. 

2. Get trained in a secure, state-of-the-art facility.

Universidad Central del Este (Eastern Central University) has trained in dentistry for over four decades and currently serves over 400 students. Click here to see this exceptional facility for yourself.

3. Customize your training and education curriculum.

Call today to find out more about how we can adjust your curriculum to fit your needs. If there's an aspect of dental implant dentistry that you aren't interested in learning about, we won't waste your time teaching it to you. 

4. Get trained by experts, without a language barrier.

Dr. Steve Brown will be by your side at all times to offer his unique and exceptional guidance that he has acquired after placing over seven thousand implants. Dr. Jonathan Diaz and members of the UCE Dental School staff will also be standing by at all times during your training in order to translate for you and your patients, should you need it. 

5. Have a vacation in the gorgeous Dominican Republic.

The venue for your dental implant training could not be more  beautiful or exciting. When you're not placing implants on live  patients, you'll be surfing, relaxing on the beach, enjoying a  luxury resort, or exploring a lush and exotic countryside.  Whichever activities you choose, you will be having fun.   

Don't Delay This Adventure

Contact us today to master dental implant dentistry and enhance your dental career. The Small Diameter Implant Institute is here to give you the education you need and the experience you deserve.